Impossible Goal ~ Business, The Money Part an my Role…

Hello there and Thank you for making this possible 🙂 My impossible goal is something that I tend to avoid every year. Strategic Financial Planning… If that is what I should call it ?? This is where I would like a little help with the model and the words? It’s like a different language. I have been in business for myself along with my husband for over 20 years and we just kinda play at this game called business. My husband is an amazing artist and craftsman. Initially, when we met he was just doing hand lettering and gold leaf. I was just wrapping up another business and was bought out by my x-husband and when I met him I was like “Hey, this is cool, lets make this bigger!” and here we are 15 years later. So we have a sign company, custom manufacturing business where we come up with solutions for the community, customers whether it be public art, sculpture, custom signage, architectural details, interactive displays, etc. You dream it, we build it. Business is booming and this part gives me anxiety, when I should be just totally stoked. The deal is, at tax time and throughout the year, I get anxiety about “the numbers” and I start freaking out about the net profit and our liability. Also, we are not strategically planning for retirement. I just don’t really want to think about this, its so weird. This year I consciously just started an auto draft each month into our IRA’s. I also do the books and this is really not what I am built for but from doing the models, I am a visionary and would like to include this part of our business into my vision and create more value to my company and peace of mind so I can continue to be stoked about the work we do and not wigging out. BTW, we are in California 🙁 So, this is one part of my impossible goal… and the other part is to create a position for myself that I add more value. At this time, I do not do much of the labor anymore, some painting and gold leaf and I have always managed the books Im not doing such a great job at the long term planning. I also founded a non-profit and raised over 600K in 6 years in 2010 ( which sidelined me for a spell, rewarding but emotional work, a Pug Rescue, and that is why I really signed up for scholars and this program has given me “me” back… anyway ) The current business was always there, I did both – but my focus needs to be on back to the business of this business.

Can you give me an idea what should be in my C line? I am ready to take action in a big way. How do I measure my results. What would be helpful in getting the guidance I need? Ugh.

Thank you 🙂 🙂