Impossible goal – would career switch prevent finding a new life partner?

My impossible goal for 2018 is to build my sexuality coaching business and make $200K.
I currently work as a full-time software engineer, and I’ve already started my sexuality coaching business, where I led three group workshops, and made $600.
I very recently went through a quite traumatic and shocking divorce, which even though it’s hard, helps me grow a lot. I want to re-build my romantic/life partnership (with a different partner) and to have a very loving and satisfying relationship. I’m 35 and want to have kids in this lifetime.
Finding a life partner in 2018, who’d be awesomely amazing and loving, and for whom I can be the same, didn’t sound that impossible.

I asked this in a different form on Ask Brooke in November, titled ‘Constraint focus – relationship or career switch, after divorce’. You told me ‘It seems to me that the one with the timeline is kids-so it might make sense to focus there first.’

I’m asking this in the context of the constraint focus of the 2018 impossible goal. Would focusing on the impossible goal of building my own business that makes $200K in 2018 impair my finding a life partner? Something tells me that no, and that actually doing all the things for my business will open me up to meet awesome people and one of them could be my life partner.

I’m still looking for external validation for this decision (in this case you Brooke), and I realize that this comes from a lack of confidence in myself as an independent responsible adult (which manifests some of the time, not all of the time; sometimes I do have confidence and Knowing). I think of my mom, who at least in my mind, wouldn’t approve of me doing this. She’d like to stay in my secure software engineer job, find a life partner, and have kids, and would judge me for all the crazy unconventional things I do in my life. When I think of this, I have a strong emotional reaction of anxiety, fear, and doubt. … I guess my work here is to do my mind and emotion management around this.

What would you do? Would you pick your impossible goal to be build a business that makes $200K or finding a new life partner?