Impossible goal check in

I have been putting some work towards creating/choosing my impossible goal. With all the words. Within the next year, I would like to be both a certified coach and continue to work full time as a physician/medical director while making the free time I want to have fun with my family and nurture myself. I signed up for the quick start CCP that will graduate with the current class in May…now it is time to do the thought work to make this possible. The heaviest part of this is making my current work fit into the hours that I want to allot to it (currently, I want my MD job(s) to fit into 40 hours/week. I think this is possible and I have been working on it for >1 year – depending on the day I may tell you a story about how successful or unsuccessful I have been on this journey– I am still working >40 hrs/week but in a different way than before) I would like a sounding board on choosing the following as my impossible goal:

“My goal is to regularly complete all my doctoring duties in 30 hours/week or less by June of 2022” — this feels impossible for me right now, but possible “for others” — Is it better to have some of the whys (free time, coaching) wrapped into the goal, or OK/advisable to keep it simple and focus on the biggest bang result that will allow all the rest to happen? Thanks!