Dear Brooke,

My impossible goal is to write/post daily to my blog each day and to get 1000 followers by the end of 2018. While I have tried to write a blog in the past, I have always stopped after a month or so. I lose interest or I don’t make the time. I have chosen daily blog writing as my goal because I don’t believe I can do it. I want my blog to be evidence of all the ways I am learning to manage my mind through my experiences and the lessons I am learning in SCS. It is a way of holding myself accountable and documenting my growth. I also think that what I share might help others who are struggling with similar issues. I am thinking that I would like to develop the blog to the point of monetizing it in the future.

I am struggling with the thought that I am using the goal of the blog to mask the real work that I need to do which is to lose weight, get out of debt, and put some work into my house. I am telling myself the blog is for me to document my journey on those other goals as I have already proven to myself that none of them is impossible by having lost weight, been debt free, and worked on my home in the past. I am worried that the blog will simply document how I fail, fail, fail. It is not feeling too good and then my brain starts telling me it’s a dumb idea and that I am buffering from the real impossible goal of keeping my promises to myself.

As I am thinking about all the things I can do 1st quarter to fail at writing daily blog posts and generating 1000 followers, I have come up with about 10 or so that are directly related to the blog writing and its promotion. The rest are coming from the fails for my other goals that are going to provide topics for the blog. If my impossible goal is really to hold myself accountable, to master my mind in order to achieve the other goals I have determined are possible, then is the blog idea a cheater impossible goal? Is there some other way that I should be thinking about holding myself accountable?

The process of writing it out in the workbook is definitely helping me to gain clarity and I will keep chipping away at my thinking as I await your answer!