Impossible Goal Daily Thought Work

I am working through the workbook for the impossible goal. The thought download is fine, but with the daily model I am getting a bit stuck. I understand that the download and both models are related to the impossible goal, so is the C line in each intentional and unintentional model always what the impossible goal actually is? If it is my models are very similar every day. I want the feeling in my intentional model to be excitement, again everyday the same model appears more or less. Also the thought downloads are filled with fairly positive thoughts these days which I understand is not a bad thing, but is the rather me trying to be intentionally positive. When I try to tap into the negative stuff as well I feel that I am confused having both positive and negative thoughts about the same thing, in this case the impossible goal. I seem to be going around in circle a bit with this daily thought work. And my most recent attempt at my intentional model I could not determine the R line:
C Impossible Goal set as CHF 100’000 revenue by 31/12/2021
T The worst that can happen is a feeling and I am willing to feel all the feelings on this journey
F Excited
A Consistent posting on social media, offers made, follow Monday Hour One, request to participate at an event, Facebook lives, sharing successes with colleagues
R ???