Impossible goal day 15

I notice that while yes, I am sticking to my protocol (mostly) and losing weight, I have the urge to step on the scale multiple times a day. This tells me that I do not feel neutral about the scale, even though I practice saying “this number is neutral” all the time. It has helped, but not entirely because I keep having the urge to step on the scale.

C Go to the bathroom
T Is it lower? Is it lower? Is it lower?
F Urge to weigh self
A Step on the scale
R I give into the urge, reinforcing that the scale is not neutral

I came up with this intentional model. I know the C is different, is that a problem in this situation?

C Urge to weigh self
T This urge is a conditioned response due to dopamine. It’s normal and part of the process of deprogramming from diet culture.
F Totally in control. (I really like the above thoughts)
A Allow urge, feel empowered, go on with life
R I deprogram from diet culture

Open to any advice.