Impossible Goal……. Done!!

I wanted to thank Brooke for the Impossible Goals exercise we did in December.

One of mine was to get my late parents house in Estes Park, CO ready as a pet friendly vacation home (Whispering Wind in the Trees).

I would show up at the house with the October workbook in hand for assistance in tackling the job of removing stuff to make it guest ready. It worked!!!

Once I had the goal written down, everything changed.

It was a first quarter item.

I had a due date of March 1.

I made April 2nd.

We decided to allow pets.

The entire family was involved.

We celebrated birthdays and had week long get togethers. Everyone contributed their skills and checked out the progress.

I would come home peaceful and refreshed from the quietness up there even though managing the clearing out of stuff was super challenging for me.

It’s been quite the ride, a very good ride.  I am in “culture shock” as the entire pace of my life has picked up.

I am grateful for your example to hold integrity to your dreams which inspires us to hold to ours!

So Good.

Thank you!