Impossible Goal Epiphanies & Question (Meagan)


I had the thought today: “Overwork, stress, and comparison actually keep my goal out of reach.” For some reason this thought, instead of “overwork, stress, and comparison won’t get me to my goal” really resonated and helped me see things in a subtlety different way. Initially it made me feel enlightened but the more I thought about it, the model changed.

Here’s my unintentional model with this thought:

C – IG
T – Overwork, stress, comparison keep my goal out of reach.
F – enlightened
A – spend time thinking about how the impact of this thought
R – not thinking like someone who has already accomplished IG, thinking about things that keep my goal out of reach

…..I think this is the intentional model on the way to thinking like who i am when i’ve accomplished the IG

C – Impossible Goal
T – That thought is coming from who I am, not from the me who has already accomplished goal.
F – distracted
A – keep thinking about what I don’t want, who I don’t want to be any more
R – my goal stays out of reach and I don’t show up as who I need to be

So although it was a revelation that felt great initially it’s not a thought I want to keep because of how it plays out if I keep having it. It’s curious to me that a seemingly “positive” unintentional model is not something I want to spend any more time in. I’m realizing that I’m really good at analyzing all the things that are holding me back, but not yet good at thinking from a place of someone who doesn’t think about those things at all because they’re irrelevant.

It’s like how in my weight loss journey I don’t think much about food any more instead of how I wish I could stop thinking about food so much because it holds me back.

Did I muddle this up? Or are these models moving in the direction of someone who wants to show up as the person who has already achieved the impossible?

Thank you! <3