Impossible goal for health 🦄

Hi Brooke! I’m a little late to the December work but so up for it! My impossible goal is to feel strong, full of vitality and energetic in my body- something that has been a dream for the last 9 years when I’ve had a chronic condition.

I’m wondering how to set a measurable goal for the end of the year that, as you say, can be proven in a court of law.

The thing that feels impossible to me is the dream of a ‘full’ day and physically feeling strong/confident in my body enough to not think twice about my health as I’m just cruising through my day.

Could the measurable result be something like ‘When I choose to, I wake up easily and am out of bed by 9:30, do an activity/workout that requires at least one hour of cardio no problem, I speak to 2 clients per day with full vitality, I do an hour of content-focused work with energy and focus, I do a fun activity outside the house with a friend’

Are these too many measurables? Is it better to pick one of them- like- ‘When I choose to, I have 5 clients and still feel energised after’. or ‘I spend the afternoon with one friend, then meet another for dinner and we go for drinks after’ or even ‘I wake up easily am out of bed by 9:30’?

Doing it with just one activity doesn’t feel as impossible because I know I can generally scrounge through days like that even if it feels a little shitty- it’s the combination of activities that really feels so impossible to me. But I also see that if I’m able to wake up at 9:30 no problem every morning and that was my measurable then it would point to other stuff also being easier.

Would love some help!

Thanks so much!
Big giant love xx Maria