Impossible goal is going to require blowing up a lot of the "how’s" I currently pray to….

My impossible goal is illuminating that I do believe there is a path to this thing as well as how I do not currently believe I am good enough to walk that path.

The path is that you’d have to be really good in this area, really smart, really talented, really masterful, a huge, powerful personality to pull off what I want to do.

And it’s making me think – even if I worked really hard, which is usually my go-to and strong suit, I don’t think I could ever make up for that lack of talent, smarts.
C: my impossible goal
T: “I’m not smart enough. I’m not that talented. I don’t have any special thing or huge personality.”
F: small, unworthy
A: I take smaller, more “reasonable” actions, expected and acceptable things
R: the results are okay, maybe even great sometimes, but no where near that impossible goal

Sometimes I really do believe that we are given our particular dreams for a reason, sometimes I really do believe that I wouldn’t be given these dreams without the having the ability to become someone who can achieve them. Sometimes I am so 100% convinced that pure belief is powerful and makes all the difference, that if I have faith in myself like that that it also invites some bigger part of me, or something bigger – like GOD into the process to help achieve what I couldn’t have figured out or gotten to on my own.

I practice 1. believe it, 2. feel it, 3. take action …. it’s when I get to the take action part that I either revert back to doing small things, or I get paralyzed by overwhelm and confusion. And then I struggle there for a very long time – and then dread the action even more the next time.

I’m having trouble getting coached on these things because I should know better – but I feel like I am just covering it up with my self-coaching and when I’m getting coached, instead of REALLy just believing harder. #coachshame ! Can you help please? Thank you!