My impossible goal : Making 100K from my coaching business

When I heard you talk about an impossible goal, my mind immediately went to setting a goal around my brand-new coaching business.

So far I have just two low-paying clients (transitioned from free coaching), some assets I’ve established (podcast + email list), and another, unrelated business I want to continue to run.

The impossible goal I want to set for myself is to generate 100K of revenue just from my coaching business, without any decrease in revenue in my other business.

It feels like a massive stretch, but not impossible because I’m a VIP scholar and I know I can easily blow my own mind if I stick to it. 🙂

Is it OK to shoot for “massive stretch” rather than “impossible”?

(And, just so you know, less than 4 hours after setting this goal and getting started with the homework, I had signed on two new high-ticket clients. Amazing, huh?)