Impossible Goal Obstacles – J

On the part of this months work on the impossible goal obstacles and what is the plan to deal with them.

One of them is Money.
Right now w/ about $1200 I would have a batch of my product up and in 15 locations with a list of orders to fill.
I have viable work to do and profitable work to do.

This is just a side note because there is not yet that green paper.

Money is my constricted focus in SCS. And, I found urgency running the show a lot. I’m continuing to work the money program and do the TDLs & models and keep learning and deepening that knowledge….

With that said – I’m not currently sure of what to write down for how I will overcome this…. right now all I know is to keep finding j.o.b.s, keep doing SCS work on it, and keep meditating and being in better places mentally around money or keep working at getting my C: Money to neutral which it currently is not.

Any coaching on this is greatly appreciated. (On any of it)

Thank you.