Impossible Goal Obstacles – J2

I think I may not have stated my question well, this is a follow up to same titled Q sans the 2.

I’m not disclosing my impossible dream. But, I am excited about it and doing the worksheets on it. I have come to the obstacles part and to money. Money is the #1 reason why I joined scholars as I have come at it from other ways that I knew & wasn’t in 17 years getting a different R -line. Not consistently at least.

So, w/ the money obstacle on the impossible goal where I need to pit what I’ll do – that’s already the main thing I’m working to het a new R on…… & this I know to do what I know….

To do the work on the answer I did receive: I asked my future self what she would do. What I came up with was a deeper version similar to my original thoughts, I’m not coming up w/ anything more that I know.
I think if I do what I had said which is keep working on my T & F, working gigs, working on my businesses, and some other processes that it will work.

I’m seeing how I don’t believe that fully. . . What do you recommend if I don’t believe these things will work. Part of me does believe it.

Also in the A to my previous try at this Q
The coach said that there were way more things I could do for $1200. (To invest in my biz, which would immediately be profitable as I have a list of requests.

I am digging into money in the work separate From this Q. . . But I was wondering what ate all those things?
Because I don’t have anything to sell, can’t/won’t ask friends/relatives, the fund raising didn’t work, I have worked 70-100/week what don’t I know?