Impossible goal on body image

Hi! So my impossible goal for 2021 is to love my body unconditionally and I am on the process towards it. I have a couple of questions around it:

1) The answer to the question “how will you know that you’ll have reached your goal?” is that I will 100% believe beliefs like
– Myself and others can feel as attracted to my body as to any other body
– My body is not causing me to miss out on any life experience
– Other people’s bodies being attractive don’t diminish in any way how my body can be attractive
– If I put on weight, I don’t need to fix anything to love my bigger body
– …

And, as a consequence of these new beliefs, I will be able to not experience shame and dejection on a regular basis as I am doing now.

So the question is that while I feel I am moving forward, at the same time I have the fear that I will not make it to the end of the year with a solid 100% on these beliefs. And the reason I think this is because these are all things hard to quantify, it is not like making money that you can aim to make 4k$/year then you know it’s 1k$/quarter. How would you advise me to proceed to let go of this worry and be sure I am going to achieve my goal?

2) The second question is on feeling dejection on a daily basis for the thoughts I am having around my body like “Other people have a steady metabolism and can maintain constant body composition. Me, I have saggy fat. No matter how much energy I dedicate to keeping it in a range of comfort, my body will become less attractive more quickly than other bodies”. So the feeling is dejection. In a 20-minute coaching session, I was asked to reflect on how feeling dejection on a daily basis might serve me. I have been asking me this for a while now, but didn’t come up to a conclusive answer. Any suggestion/hint from your experience with other clients on what this could be?

Thanks a lot for both answers in advance!