Impossible goal… or is it? (Nadège)

Hi Brooke!
My impossible goal for 2018 was to make as much money in December 2018 as in December 2017, even if I was working part-time as a teacher (my regular income), by working as a coach. Then came up the incredible opportunity of your online coach training which meant I would be using my money instead of making some.
So I happily delayed my impossible goal to December 2019, never mind!
But… I may be working part-time but I’m also doing additional work, so I’ll end up earning as much as last year.
But… I’ve also found out that I’ve been promoted, which means extra money?!
So, it appears that by the end of the year, I’ll have more money than last year, without really trying, and I’ll be on my way to become a coach as amazing as all of yours!
Thank you!