Impossible goal power thoughts (Nadège)

Hi and a happy new year, dear coach!
I’m figuring out my impossible goal for 2019, which is to follow my protocol and allow my urges. So I’ve listed different thoughts that could help me.
– It will pass.
– It was always supposed to happen this way.
– It’s as good as done.
– It’s just a game.
– It’s the best present I could give myself.
– It’s perfect to surpass myself.
– Each and every effort is transforming me.
– Tomorrow is a new day.
– I sometimes forget and it’s ok.
– I love challenges.
– I’ve already decided.
– I’ve got everything under control.
– I’ve got everything I need.
– I love the one I’m becoming.
– I’m always learning.
– I’m doing my best.
– I deserve to give myself peace.
– I deserve the best.
– I will learn.
– I can do it.
– I can take my time.
– I can feel anything.
– My promise to myself is my priority.
– I’m fully enjoying myself.
– I know what I’m doing.
– I know how to be efficient.
– I’m exceptional (when my brain wants me to believe the food is exceptional).
– I’m remarkable (whenever somebody remarks on my eating habits)
– I’m important (when I think it’s not important if I overeat)
– I’m the solution.
– I’m going to have fun.
– I want to know discomfort.
– I want to feel better than ever.
– I want to think about something else.
– I want to know how to succeed.
– What I’m learning is what’s important.
– The harder it is, the more I learn.
– The harder it is, the better I become.
– The more I do it, the better I do it.
– It’s perfect if it’s hard.
– I either succeed or learn.
– Everything happens for me.
– Everything is fine.
– “The future depends on what you do today.” (Gandhi)
– “Experiments never fail.” (Steve Chandler)
I wish you the very best!