Impossible Goal – Q1

Hello! I was planning out my Sunday Hour One and realized that I may be helpful to revisit my Impossible Goal Quarter 1 fails to plan during focus time. I didn’t finish the quarter 1 results the first time, so I want to go back and at least plan out half of them for the rest of quarter 1 since we are about at the halfway point! So if I understand it correctly, we brainstorm actions we need to take, choose 25 actions, and then write out the action with what result that will create right? Since I am doing half, I would need 12 actions. My impossible goal is to earn $50,000 by December 31. Some of the actions I have are – applying to full time jobs at $50,000 +, attend job career event, follow up after I apply for job, reach out to businesses in the area and “cold” email my resume, network and share my plans with friends, community members. I think a lot of the actions all go back to a result of getting a job or getting an interview. Can most of my 12 actions be getting an interview? There are other actions such as doing thought work, planning my time etc. but that doesn’t really produce a direct result. Are there more questions I could ask myself to get to 12 results? Any recommendations? Thank you!