Impossible Goal Question

Hi Coaches,

I’m planning the actions I’ll take this month, according to my Impossible Goal determined in September. The impossible goal is $45,000 made by coaching by the new year. I’m in CCP (month 2) and am noticing that my goals are shifting. I feel the need to focus on my coaching abilities, and am coaching as much as possible so that I can learn the ins and outs of coaching and get as good as I can during my training. I’m coaching 6-8 hours a week, on top of my full-time work and class and studying. It means that many of the actions I originally set out to take this quarter are falling to the wayside (e.g. go to networking events, get X number of new clients, other $$$ generating actions).

Am I doing this wrong by focusing on my coaching abilities right now? I know part of me is scared to get out there, and I AM taking actions to get out there (created a FB page, posting to FB, telling people I’m a Life Coach, being seen) but I’m not full on marketing myself and my brain is telling me I’m messing this all up. Help or guidance?