Impossible goal question

I would like to ask a question about impossible goals.

I have the impression that they often have to do with money, business, or weight. But can they be about feelings? Ways of living? In short, less “material” or concretely measurable things?
In fact I am in the middle of a divorce or at least a big break with my partner, that is to say that we have problems and we take care of them but we split for now and maybe forever – and maybe we will find each other again one day.

And at the moment, my thought, my feeling, is that I cannot be happy (or even survive) without him… but that I cannot be happy with him either (I know, it sounds like a U2 song). But, as an impossible goal, I would like: “I can be happy with him or without him”. This would open all the doors for me, no matter what happens, I decide that I will be happy.

Can I make him an impossible goal in this way? And do the program “(the year of) Doing the impossible” in the coaching tool section in the Study Vault with that goal in mind? Or doesn’t it work with this kind of thing?

Thank you for your help!