Impossible Goal Questions – How Specific

Hi! My impossible goal involves my business (should I have posted this in the business Ask a Coach? Let me know for next time!).

I would like to launch a meal planning service, which would be a monthly membership. I am already in this niche, but do not offer this service. I work for myself and currently do not employ anyone. This goal seems impossible right now because I would need to hire someone to help me with other aspects of my business so I could focus on creating weekly recipes (my zone of genius) and I right now I do not have enough money to hire someone.

My question is – is “launch a meal planning service” enough of an impossible goal? Or should the goal to be to have x number of customers and/or x number in monthly revenue by x date? My brain is telling me that just launching the service is impossible enough (and it’s measurable in a way – I either launch it or I don’t), but I can hear Brooke telling me it is not specific enough. Can you help?