Impossible Goal/Revisited (what to do with that result for the rest of the year?)

Hi Brooke,
I just listened to your short goal-of-the-year video and that makes me revisit my own impossible goal: After years (decades!) of having not being able to lose that weight for good, my impossible goal was to lose 85pounds this year. I’m so happy that I lost 32pounds so far. And feeling amazing. Love my protocol and all is well. Weight loss is much slower now than at the beginning (ca 1 pound every two weeks), which is totally fine for me. But how do I continue? I won’t be able to reach that goal (or come close to it) if I continue with this speed. But then: I like this speed. It feels steady and physically really good, plus my skin looks amazing (nothing hanging…). Do I simply continue trusting that I lose in the exact speed my body is meant to lose the weight? Or do I challenge myself and aim for a more restrictive protocol?
Thank you!