Impossible goal: Running a marathon or permanent weight loss?

It’s my first month in SCS and I’m excited by all of the great info and tools here. I’m trying to decide on my impossible goal, and started thought work on the goal of running a marathon in 2019. Part of me knows it’s not impossible (I’d just have to put in the work), but the other part of me says it would be a pretty big stretch because I haven’t done it yet. (I actually have always had the goal of doing an Ironman, but that would REALLY be impossible given my current state of health). I don’t exercise at all right now, but I’m not completely out of shape. I think completing a marathon would have the side benefits of eating better and likely losing weight.

I am about 30-40 lbs overweight, and have been, off and on, for my entire adult life, so part of me feels like permanent weight loss is a better goal than a marathon because it would be setting a good foundation for future athletic attempts and I know exercise is not the best way to lose weight. I have gone through periods of eating very well, but have ended up giving in to convenience eating and am back at a low point, and higher weight.

Both goals would require a huge mindset shift, and my first inclination towards a marathon is more for the mental game than weight loss, and I didn’t pick permanent weight loss initially because it doesn’t feel as big of a goal (although I realize it is). Having watched the Stop Overeating program, I feel like you’d advise me to pick the weight loss goal over running a marathon, but I just wanted to double check. 🙂 Perhaps 2019’s goal is weight loss and 2020 is a marathon?

(And yes, I do realize I have a lot of circular thinking…that’s something I need to work on! Thank goodness I’m here!)