Impossible Goal Sixpack

My impossible goal is to have a six pack. I am wondering how I would put this in a model. Do I put it in the R line or do I put it in the C and act as if I already have it?

C: Body
T: I want a six pack
F: Driven
A: Workout, follow a protocol, sleep well, stress reduction, up water intake. Don’t – sit and contemplate what to do or what my goal is or make excuses. I decided this was my goal and let’s go until I achieve it.
R: Six pack

C: Six pack
T: Of course I have a six pack
F: Deserving or proud
A: very relaxed because I know I have one and am not trying to get one. Still workout, still eat well, still sleep and stress reduce. Take very good care of myself. Maybe feel proud thinking of what it took to get me there. Think about my next goal that I want to achieve. Don’t- think about how to get one (diet, workout types), don’t wish or ponder or contemplate my goal or how I will achieve.
R: Sixpack

Any suggestions would be great. Thank you