Is my impossible goal specific enough to allow for massive kick assery?

Hi Brooke, I’m churning on my impossible goal work as I start the action planning by quarter. This is the start of month two in scholars for me and I am loving the experience. My impossible goal is to make 100K on a side hustle business during 2018. The reason I say side hustle is that I have a senior leadership role in a large corporation which is a very fulltime hustle however, I don’t have the exact side hustle in mind (yet) which is one outcome that I want to produce from this goal. This side hustle could be anything from drop shipping sports equipment to coaching business clients to public speaking for leadership events (and charging). I have gone through the Martha Beck coaching training and my current role involves leading transformations for large global organizations (7000+) so narrowing my goal down to creating a coaching business with X amount of paying clients outside of the company I work at was on my list as well. I read your advice that if one of your goals negates several others, that’s a good one to pick (hence the side hustle for 100K as it “covered” the goal to coach clients, speak at leadership events for $$, create and post linked in article each month to 500+ views). Now that I’m getting to my actions for quarter 1, I’m finding that I have some passive actions on the list as some of the work involves learning (take drop ship 2 hour webinar=passive learning). Is the goal of earning 100K via a side hustle business specific enough or would you recommend I would need to choose the exact side hustle? Thanks for your help!