Impossible Goal – TBL


I need help on my impossible goal.

My impossible goal was to make $30k in 2019.

Impossible because I made less than $500 last year (my first year in business).

I know you say to not change our goal, but what if when we start taking action we realized that it actually is impossible?

I’m a stay at home mom and I’ve discovered that the amount of time I have to serve clients is way less than what I thought I would be able to do. Originally I planned to create a program and sell it to 60 moms. I thought I could do the group thing only it’s not working.

I understand now why you stress so much about working 1:1 with clients first.

So now I’m changing my business model so I can work 1:1 and I know I can work with up to 3 clients a month. I do not know yet how long it will take my client to reach her transformation but I’m guessing 8 weeks.

I also know that I can’t have 3 clients for 8 weeks and then another 3 for another 8 weeks with no breaks in between (right now I can’t imagine being booked) so I have to account for down time.

Is this when it’s okay to change my impossible goal from $30k to $15?

Maybe I’m trying to be too realistic.

It feels disappointing to lower my number but still impossible because I’ve never made that much before.

Maybe I can raise my prices halfway through the year, but even then I can’t imagine hitting the $30k mark.

I feel like the biggest thing holding me back is time because I’m a stay at home mom.

Thank you so much.