Impossible Goal – to meet a life partner

I’ve been working on my Impossible Goal. I’ve been single and hoping to meet someone new, but it feels impossible for several reasons: I am a woman nearing 40 and want to have a child (so my brain tells me I’m too old and therefore undesirable); I want to meet someone to build a life together with (brain says I’m too old). But I’m working on addressing those thoughts and charting a path forward.

I’ve begun a list of 25 fails but I’m looking for some guidance if I’m on the right path. Some of my fails include:
1. Message someone I’m excited about on an online app
2. Go on a first date
3. Go on a second date
4. Message someone again (online app) to rekindle conversation that has stopped
5. Tell [Friend] I’m interested in [their friend] and ask to be set up
6. Have a direct conversation with someone about where they’re at
7. Open up dating app and look at at least one person without judgement
8. Message guy even though I don’t know what to say
9. Be curious about people, knowing they are more than their dating app

I’m stuck on other goals though, because I keep thinking, the rest of the list could easily be “Go on a date; go on another date; go on another date; go on another date” and on and on.

Am I on the right track? Do you have any suggestions?