Impossible Goal – Weight Loss or Business

Hi Brooke,
I joined SCS in October and have decided that I want to be a Life and Weight Loss Coach. I started my own consulting company last year and made $300K in my first year so I have confidence that I can be a successful entrepreneur BUT my husband lost his job the same week I quit my corporate job to start my consulting business so our expenses have gone up and total income has stayed the same. I want to make more money. I also have decided after this last 15 months of consulting that I dont’ want to grow my consulting business. I have lost the passion for that as I have so much more excitement and passion around coaching, even though I have never d one it. I have applied for the August life coach training and have my interview in February.
I also want to lose weight and weigh 115 pounds (I am 5’2″) and currently weigh 165. I have been trying for the last 6 years to lose weight and yo-yo dieting with the HCG diet and I am very discouraged. Intellecltualy it seems possible that I could follow the stop overeating program and lose the weight in 2018 but it also seems impossible since I haven’t been able to lose the weight in the last 6 years. My vision is that I will lose the weight in 2018 using the SCS tools and be an example that is possible and then use that in my coaching business.
Not sure which I should chose – weight loss or becoming a certified life coach.

What do you think?