Impossible goal – weight loss plus maintenance after

A great IG for me would be to weigh 118 and then maintain it.
118 is the weight I was feeling (and I think looking) my best, 3 years ago.
I currently weigh 134 having put most of that on during Covid.
Now – getting down to 118 I don’t feel is impossible. I’ve always been “skinny” or able to get back to skinny pretty “easily”.
However what I’ve never done in recent years is maintain it without an outside reason. That was my problem this year – no beach holiday to look good in a bikini for etc etc. Also, food has always been my go to in stress.

Weighing and then staying at 118 would be something new and these are the benefits I envision:
Wearing the clothes I want to
Enjoying going clothes shopping again
Losing the incessant yo-yo weight
Losing the incessant thinking about food and weight (I’ll have maintained the weight long enough to know longer be challenged / thinking about food as an escape)
I’ll have had to start focusing on my thoughts instead of eating to buffer
I’ll be healthy
A good example of what’s possible as I get older (mid 40s currently)
Mostly freeing up my mind to STOP thinking about food/how I look etc etc etc

Question – what would be my fails?
And my IG could be weigh 118 by end Feb and then always weigh 118 every 2 weeks for rest of year maybe?

And then fails could be planning protocol daily, both food and exercise?

And then as year continues, things like “baking cookies with kids and not taking a single bite (or lick of cookie batter)
Navigating birthdays, events etc etc where I’d be tempted to go off protocol?

Am I on the right track here?
Even though I don’t have a huge amount to lose I AM so excited about the thought of finally being in control of food/my relationship with it and know how much it would empower / benefit me in other areas of my life too just with the thought work I’d be forced to do,