Impossible Goal: when your brain works everything out on paper

I have the impossible goal of making $200k in 2020. I currently make $50k. I have never made over seven figures. I’ve owned my own business for 17 years. When I work it out on paper/run numbers, etc. I can see that it’s possible. It would take effort and numbers I’ve never done before. Does this qualify as an impossible goal or is my brain thinking it’s possible? I work out high numbers a lot and get excited and hopeful but then disappointed when I don’t make them happen. I know I would have to be a person who doesn’t give up but push through and be willing to fail a lot more and not get confused.

If this isn’t an impossible goal because my brain works out numbers on paper, then my brain will work out numbers for $300k, too. And on and on. How will I know I’ve set an impossible goal? I watched Lauren’s video and she said not to make your goal too impossible. Thanks for your help!