Impossible goals and choosing


As I’m considering my impossible goal, they seem to be falling into three categories (health, financial, personal improvement). I’ve rejected a few (weight goals are not impossible if only I honored commitments to myself, some personal improvement goals are already in progress, etc.) The financial goals are more actionable, but by that token, a straight up to-do list wouldn’t seem to do much for mental growth. I’ve thought about “giving up flour and sugar”, because it would be impossibly possible, incredibly hard, and require daily work. (I use and abuse food for the dopamine hit. I also have a large amount of “good” debt that would require some serious rethinking.)

Is it better to have something that would leave me in a significantly better place upon the accomplishment (i.e. debt reduction) or something that would require an obscene amount of mental work with no discernible end goal that is more difficult to measure (i.e. to be “healthy”)?

Can’t I have two goals? Ha!