Impossible Goals & Our Brain

Hi Brooke,

I know, I know, you asked us to pick only one impossible goal, but I thought there is no harm in choosing two. So I chose exercising every single day in 2018 as well as writing my very first non-fiction book, through daily weekdays word quota.

As far as the writing goes, I met every single day quota and while I was not happy with the quality of the work, I did my B- and got it done.
Exercise wise, I kept at it for 18 days straight, and then one morning I felt sore and tense and decided to take one day off. That led to three more days of not exercising at all.
While those first almost three weeks were physically hard, I felt very energized and looking forward to the feeling of the accomplishment after each morning. Now, all I hear is how hard it is, too early, and no shown results.

With the writing I keep at it, and I wonder if you think that asking our brains to BEING SOMEONE NEW in more than one area is just not something our brains are designed to do?
I don’t know what went wrong all of a sudden after beautifully executed three weeks…