Impossible Goals – this sh*t WORKS

I know you know this already, but OMG this process is amazing. I set an impossible goal of $500K in a year and then set about coming up with my 25 fails. The first on the list was to get 20 people to sign up within 2 weeks for consultations for a program I created on the fly.

Well…I put out one email and two FB posts and within 48 hours had 24 interviews scheduled. AND I sold out my program in one day, with everyone paid in full (WHAT?!?!). So I created a second group to handle the overflow and got one person signed up.

Then…I ran out of interviews and didn’t know how I was going to fill the second group and watched my brain go back to its old patterns of ‘you’ll never make this happen, blah blah blah’ and felt panicked and defeated.

I interrupted the model right there and decided that someone who earns $500K in a year would simply ask instead ‘how can I get more interviews?’

So I sat down and wrote a second email to my list with some of the best copy I’ve ever written, and sent it on the spot. Within 3 hours I had six more interviews booked.

This is going to be my first $50K month!