Impossible Goals versus Other goals

Hi Brooke, I understand that I should choose 1 impossible goal for December. My goal is to make $1 million from my blog/business. What is supposed to happen to my others goals as I work on the impossible goal?
I have multiple projects I like to continually work on. I have very achievable goals set for this year for each, those being: maintaining an honest, healthy relationship with my partner, participating in athletic competitions, pay down some credit card debt, maintain my self-care and remain dedicated to SCS, and writing which is a hobby of mine.
I am unsure of how to fit the impossible goal in. I know I am not supposed to get burnt out, or kill myself trying to achieve it. There is a lot of overwhelm, doubt, and fear that come when I picked this goal, because I have been working on my blog/business for the 16 months with little financial success. To be the person I would need to be to make achieve this impossible goal, I need to learn and do A LOT, which I love learning and testing things out.
How are we to balance the impossible goal with the rest of life, when I know I need to spend a lot of dedicated time to learning, thinking, failing, brainstorming, trying again, etc?