Impossible Thought for MARCH

Hi Brooke,
I’m new to scholars and loving it so far but I’m still not totally sure I’m doing the homework right. For March we were instructed to write down our impossible thought we didn’t believe yet and go to work on changing that belief.

My sentence is I’m a seven figure business owner who creates consistent content, speaks and coaches people around the globe, and impacts millions every day.
While most days I feel like this is totally possible for me (one day in the future) Im struggling to feel it? Also I think a ladder thought could help here like, “I’m signing clients with ease—“ but then isn’t the point to master an impossible thought? I don’t want to dumb-down my goal to make it easier if that defeats the purpose of the exercise.
Also I think I could use help with the model here. Im really struggling to keep my commitment of creating consistent content every week because it takes SO much time. I know you’ve mentioned sitting down to produce instead of work, but I don’t know how to make myself write faster. Overall, Im not showing up as consistently as I’d like and I know thats why I don’t have the results in my business I want. Thanks so much!