Impossible weight loss goal

I have lost 34 lbs of the 55 lbs I want to lose to meet my goal weight with NSNF protocol and I feel and look amazing! I want to thank you for your SCS program to help me manage my mind along the way, unbelievably awesome. My impossible goal for 2018 was to lose 2 lbs per week or a total of 8 lbs per month and to lose all the weight by June 1, 2018. I was able to lose 8 lbs per month in November and December but since then I have been losing 4.5 lbs per month but I am still losing and following my protocol. I am also doing the stop overdrinking program and have 2 glasses of wine per week and 1 small joy eat and some weeks do not have a joy eat or drink alcohol. I have tweaked my protocol weekly and am now fasting for 24 hours 1 day a week which has been great.
I am not likely to meet my impossible goal by June 1 since I still have 21 lbs to lose. However I am still going to try to lose 2 lbs per week because that keeps me from sabotaging myself and keeps me challenged. My future self says: Don’t sweat it, you are killing it and learning so much along the way. Keep going. If it takes 2 months longer to meet your goal, so what?
What do you think?