Impossible writing goal & 25 fails

My impossible goal is to complete my novel. Can my 25 failures be new words written, i.e. day 1 finish 1000 words, day 2 finish 1000 words, etc?

This IS an impossible task for current me (proven by my current results), and that makes me feel very ashamed as I think I should have been able to finish it by now. It doesn’t feel like a release to frame it as impossible. I haven’t found a good thought yet that will help me get it done.

C – novel
T – I need to schedule the time and show up to write
F – wobbly
A – think about it but don’t do it
R – I don’t show up

C – novel
T – it’s impossible for me
F – shame
A – avoid, don’t write
R – not possible to complete

C – novel
T – I’ve already failed at this goal so many times
F – dejected
A – avoid
R – failed and failing at goal

C – novel
T – this is the story I want to tell
F – comforted
A – procrastinate
R – still wanting to tell it

C – novel
T – I can choose not to write
F – defeated
A – cry
R – choosing not to finish