Imposter Syndrome


I recently started a freelance social media management agency that took me quite some time to feel confident enough to take on. I typically have really low self-esteem and lack confidence, but after my husband and a few friends encouraged me, I took the leap and did it.

It’s been 3 months that I have been working as an SMM and I have begun feeling an imposter syndrome even though I know I am qualified to do the work.

I recently took on a high-ticket client, but they have been so demanding, don’t want to listen to my advice and want to take charge of the way I handle my strategy. This caused me a great ton of stress and anxiety because I couldn’t successfully execute the strategy I have and use for my clients. I ended up sending them an email firing them as clients (just this morning) and now I am feeling like I couldn’t handle the job. I am feeling unqualified. I looked on Upwork for new clients, but didn’t feel qualified to apply for any of the open roles.

How do I shake this feeling that I’m not qualified, that I can’t do the job, because that is what is happening now and I’m not sure how to MODEL it.

Thank you!