Imposter Syndrome and achieved IG 2019!! Thanks and please help.

I have achieved my impossible goal for 2019. It is a huge achievemnt for me and my team and organization. There was media blitz and what not. Now I am struggling with severe imposter syndrome. Lots of info from the “capacity to have podcast” are ringing 100 % true. Coach Joan burn was the one who uncovered this for me (Thanks coach and the tutoring sessions!!).My imposter syndrome is preventing me from even freely sharing my victory and achievemnt of IG2019. Even when I was sharing with coach on the session I was very guarded and unsure. There was a different model I was trying to get help with and coach was able to see right throught it!
Last night I had to make a quick decision in front of a room full of people and I was paralysed and mumbling and I am usually a very well spoken, clear thinker. My rise to the position of leading the project for my organisation has been entirely due to SCS and how without any paper qualifications I did it- just by managing my mind, taking massive action, stepping in and acting as a leader for months before I was offered the job and now have actually achieved the team’s goal. But yesterday my resume flashed in front of my eyes. That I had no “certificate” qualification. That I am inexperienced. That sooner or later I will get “found” and will lose this position. How do I think my way out of this?
I have already started taking courses and studying to increase my knowledge and to acquire “certificate” skills. However performing and making big decisions in front of others is a new struggle. I also havent quite “jumped in joy” or been ecstatic about this achievement instead I want to hide!! Help.