Improve sex life

I was never too much into sex, but I’ve decided this is not a part of my personality and I can improve anything that I want, which makes me feel very empowered! But here’s the thing, I have a few thoughts that I really believe in even if I’m aware that they are causing pain. I would like your help on 2 things:

1. How can I question the veracity of these thoughts and set myself free from them?
2. Could you recommend inspiring and empowering questions to become a person that enjoys sex?

I keep on having thoughts such as:
I’m supposed to like sex like all of my friends.
I wish I would like sex more.
My boyfriend would love me more if I would like sex more.
I’m a bit of an “outsider” because I’m not that into sex as much as the rest of the world.
I feel judged by my friends when they are telling me that I’m missing out on something extraordinary.

Thank you so so much for your as always, amazing help!!!