Improving my relationship with my past self

Thoughts pop up now and again that are very harsh and judgmental about actions or situations from my past. I’ll remind myself of a time where I said too much, was too opinionated or unprofessional, or didn’t handle something the right way. As I move forward in my career from elementary teacher to real estate professional, I’m starting to doubt my abilities and form future scenarios where I screw up big time. These future scenarios where I mess up are stemming from the relationship I have with my past self. Overall, its a good relationship but I have these thoughts come up that really make me feel inadequate and not ready to move into a new career. Even though my projected date for quitting teaching is still 18 months away (June 2021), I fear that I’ll never quit a “solid job” where I stay in my comfort zone and within my true area of expertise. My relationship with my future self as a real estate professional has been developing for the last 12 months and is pretty good. I’ve been writing letters to my present self from my future as suggested in the Gifts to My Future Self podcast episode, which is helpful. But how do I improve the relationship I have with my past self when what’s done is done and I’m using that as evidence for what might happen in the future?