Improving Relationships

Hi Brooke –

Long story short my parents split up almost 13 years ago because my dad cheated on my mom with my now step mom of 13 years. They are still together so it was obviously something real and my mom is SO much happier with an AMAZING man who i have actually starting calling dad now.

For some reason I just cannot shake the anger i have towards her..i have been able to let go of everything negative i felt about my dad and have just accepted that there are certain traits of his I dont like but with her I just cant seem to shake the annoyance and almost skin crawling feeling i get around her.. I have always been very perceptive of people’s energies and i just really get negative vibes from her all the time.

I want to stop feeling this way because i know it does not serve me but i really dont know where to start working on my thoughts..any thought i come up with like “she just isn’t my kind of person, and that’s okay” dont seem to make me feel any better..they just feel like a lie and i have thoughts coming up like “she doesn’t deserve to be forgiven” etc.

Please help!