Impulse Buying

I cannot seem to stop impulse buying. I buy stupid things, always digital, $10-$100 here and there. It adds up fast and blows my money goals. I notice I do it when I’m depressed, stressed, it’s almost like a blackout. I’ve tried resisting the urges without unsubscribing to everything or deleting social media so I can decondition my desire like I did with drinking. This is not working. I’m wondering if I need to do a deliberate “fast” from all things tempting me to spend. I’ve even considered putting my credit card in the safe and deleting my PayPal account, though I might need it to accept occasional payments. I’m feeling a big shame spiral about the whole thing. It’s something I’ve been grappling with off and on for the last couple years but it’s become noticeable this year as I’m making less money at the moment and the money is being missed, not just by me, but my husband as well and I can’t hide my spending problem like I used to. I need some help.