In a Hurry to Make a Decision About Relocating

I live in China right now, which covid-wise is the safest in the world. I have good travel and social flexibility and a job that pays all my bills working part time.

I’m a coach and have 2 months left until certification. Yay! And I want to work part-time for the school afterwards. My ideal would be to live in Spain, work for the school and build my business on the side. But in China, that’s tough because of vpn connectivity via zoom, and maybe time zone too.

I’m just tired of being here. I want to start fresh. I want to be in a new place that can provide me different things because I think I’ve outgrown the city. I am sick of 5 am construction out my window and trying to build a website with the great firewall.

I am sick of not being able to attend coaching calls live because of the timezone I’m in for my programs. I feel so so trapped here! At the same time I know my life is good here and I wouldn’t be able to find another part time job that pays what I have here. I can tell I have some processing to do around this because I feel torn, conflicted, hateful, judgmental, escaping and itchy towards China. I mean I listened to the episode of when to leave but I still feel like it’s fuzzy.