Hi, I am struggling with my brain. I have my in laws in town for the weekend and I want to show up warm and inviting. However, I am in a world of resistance and struggle. I feel trapped and pressure.

Whenever my husband and his parents are about to do something they are always waiting for me even though I really don’t want them to be and tell them that all of the time. My mother in law always stays behind to ride in the car with me which I don’t prefer. I like some space every now and again and she is always waiting or around me. I want to be loving towards her, but I am also frustrated that she always wants to be with me and not with her son. I am also annoyed with my husband because he doesn’t take control of the situation and take his parents with him.

I know I am so close to this. I want a better experience for myself. I want to love her for who she is.

Maybe a bridge thought?