I am trying to work through my thoughts about issues going on with my in-laws. The house my husband and I live in needs quite a few things to finish as far as projects go, finish insulation, sheet rock, etc in some rooms as my husband started thsese projects, but has not finished it. My father in law wants to update one of the out buildings on our property and make it into a shop. I am have become very angry and upset that my husband and FIL want to to this project, when the inside of our house needs to be finished. My husband is expected to help his sister and they have updated most of their house and we haven’t been able to even finish putting a wall up for 3 years. I am very frustrated and have models for being angry with my in laws and my sister in law since their needs seem to come first and then my husband is too tired to do our own house.

C-Our house is not finished-walls and sheet rock not up, for over 3 years
T-why is this taking so long?
F-Pissed off
A-blow up at my husband when his dad and mom want to talk about fixing up a shop for themselves on our property
R-Fighting with my husband and me not wanting to spend time with my in laws.

C-FIL wants to fix up an out building on our property to make a shop and my husband is expected to help with this.
T-What about our house? It’s not even done!
A-Blow up, husband gives me the silent treatment
R-Resenting my in laws.

I seem to have gotten myself into a rabbit hole because I can’t seem to find any good thoughts because I am still so upset.
C-FIL wants to put in a shop
T-Can this be me thinking, our house needs to be done first?
A-help out and plan weekends to get work done
R-get house finished and then thing about help FIL with his stuff.

I am not sure if the above model works? Thanks!