C: brother in law is storing stuff in mother in law house (3 out of 4 bedrooms, half her garage and entire basement)
T: this is a bad situation for them both
F: angry
A: ask brother in law to empty one bedroom for an overnight guest, tell mother in law to tell him to empty one bedroom
worry the situation won’t change, mother in law is 88 and if needs caregiver no where for one to sleep, judge both of them
R: I hate being around inlaws

C: brother in law states he should move into mother in law’s home to take care of her
T: he is looking for free rent
F: angry
A: tell mother in law to set boundaries with him, worry my mother in law will be stuck living with him,
complain to my husband about their dysfunctional relationship
R: fight with my husband

C: I hate being around my inlaws
T: they are dysfunctional
F: exasperation
A: get an ulcer, ruminate, get angry with my husband for being related to them
R: husband and I fight

I need help with an intentional model. Thank you!