In My Best Interest or Too Hard on Myself?

How do I differentiate the difference between doing what is in my best interest and being too hard on myself?

A lot of the things I do seem to be in my best interest. Work out every day. Eat healthy meals. Don’t drink. Don’t watch TV. Read only self-help books. Don’t spend money on anything that isn’t needed or isn’t an investment in myself.

But, sometimes, my life and all my ‘rules’ feel restrictive and limiting and actually not in my best interest. I think I should feel better if I’m doing all these good things for myself.

When I think the thought that the structure of my life is restrictive, limiting and not in my best interest, I have another thought: “Well, that’s just your primitive brain speaking, trying to rationalize out of these behaviors that are in your best interest.”

I kind of start to distrust myself. Is this just my brain trying to rationalize out of these ‘good’ behaviors? Or have I structured my life so much that joy has no room to breathe? How do I know the difference?