In the moment model and the now what model

Trying to apply something Lauren taught in the Monday Hour 1 call recording to overeating:

In the moment:
C I didn’t eat what I planned
T I’m alone, no one will know, let’s be bad
F rebellious
A I ate leftovers, Rx bar, sugary oatmeal, peanut butter and crackers for dinner
R binged on flour and sugar, off my plan

Now what model
C binged on flour and sugar, off my plan
T I am learning to not beat myself up about this
F anxious
A distract myself and get busy with other tasks to take my mind off food
R don’t overeat for next meal, but don’t really prevent this overeating from happening again.

This is a pattern I’m trying to break, overeating when I come home to an empty house. Can you help me come up with better thoughts? I would need to feel motivated to stick to my plan.