In what feels like a prolonged slump.

I am in what feels like a prolonged slump. I don’t seem to have the motivation or desire to rev things back up for my business, and I have gained weight and have a harder time losing it this time around. These are usually the two big areas I like setting goals for.

I feel like it’s hard for me get back into my usual positive, determined state to turn things around (almost resistant?). I also just turned 40, so I am also noticing the thoughts and statements of how “hard” everything is or feels right now. I don’t want to continue down that path of connecting the two in my head.

How do I shift out from here? I try focusing instead on what is going well, but then sometimes it feeds a belief (that I am working on) that I can’t juggle multiple things at once – like when I focus on one area, the rest will start to slip or suffer.

At first, I gave myself time to rest, get curious, and just be in this, but now I feel it’s been enough and don’t want to become indulgent. Just don’t feel a lot of confidence on how to approach this now, since usually I can bounce back. But it’s been a while and would appreciate some guidance here. Thanks!