Inability to Choose/Constrain

I’m still working on choosing my impossible goal for the year or I’ve chosen it but keep wanting to change it and 2nd guess if it was the right one and I know you said it doesn’t matter but the thought of not being able to work on everything  that I want to change paralyzes me. I leave my my current job- expand my business (but I can’t even seem to choose a direction for that), lose 20lbs and stop overdrinking so I’m kind of working on all three of these together but I feel like I need some way to see my progress. It’s like my mind is disorganized so I signed up for Shaun Roney’s ADD program thinking I might have ADD, but also signed up for a manifesting challenge; a course to lose the menopausal middle; I just seem to be all over the place and have a difficult time choosing, committing and not doubting and regretting. I’m aware that this is a pattern for me but I’m not sure how to change it. This keeps me stuck or not feeling like I’m achieving anything at all. Any suggestions?